Hello, my name is Topher Pike, and I am a writer ready to inspire others to follow their passions and recapture a time when they believed their dreams were possible. 

By changing the way we think about life and what is possible in our minds, I believe we all can be an example for those with dreams that have been hidden for too long.

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Latest Book: 101 Quotes That Will Change Your LIfe
101 Quotes That Will Change Your Life is not just about changing how you think about life but changing how you see the world that has been presented. I have found a key to unlock my deepest dreams and desires, and I’m here to tell you that it’s not the only copy. 
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Latest Poem: Picture Frame
As it rests in suspended stillness, I momentarily question my physical reality. As I block out the constant noise with two pointed fingers, I voluntarily question my artistic sanity. The second-hand unwinds deep inside as the memory immediately triggers my expanding mind. Two corners show shadows from a light uncovered by an intermediate shade misunderstood by the disinclined.​​

If I remove the delicate frame does the sealed moment still exist? Is the mounted moment real because of the lifelike picture or the vivid memory? Is the preceding memory real or is the animated picture beyond the frame my subjective reality? If the man-made picture presented inside of the man-made structure never existed would this favorable moment still be a part of who I am?
As I take my unanswered questions to another objective world, I trust the dimensional picture and not the four corners of the frame. I tear my humble heart open and know that the past is. I rip my ideas of the future into shreds and realize that the everlasting frame given is the reality as is. You may say I am a dreamer but the obscene picture I see beyond the double frame is as real as the one available inside.

If the picture I see of yesterday can be presented in a frame today, the image I know of tomorrow shall have the same audacity. The tower of yesterday inside of today will be the impression and awareness given as a painting without a frame. A picture painted brightly outside of four corners but within my forgotten name. 

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"The answers you seek are not in the dreams you have but in the knowledge and belief that your dreams can be real."

If you didn’t know what my passion or my purpose was in life, you would not be alone. For 37 years, I struggled to find my peace and purpose. Like most of us, I searched every day to find that place where I could be completely fulfilled, but could never find this imaginary world. The world I could only see in my dreams. I realize now that I was looking in the wrong place with a misguided prescription.

The things you believe will give you peace can never exist until you find peace first. When you find your passion, you will find a purpose. When you find your purpose, you will find peace. I hope my words can start your journey toward the peace you desire. Become a part of my passion by visiting my blog and joining my journey. Your feedback is always appreciated.

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